Basics Program



Morocco’s orphanages receive only about 10% of their operating costs from the Moroccan Government. Orphanages rely on inadequate fundraising and donations to care for the children. Funding may only provide the most minimal needs of a child such as a bed and food.

Locations: Morocco/Meknes, Fes, Casablanca, Rabat, El Jadida Orphanages.


  • To help meet the additional living, nutrition and medical needs of children living in four orphanages in Morocco.

Specific Goals

  • Survey institutional and individual child needs in 4 orphanages in Morocco.
  • Identify urgent needs of the facilities and of individual children that are not being met.
  • Provide basic resources such as formula, food, clothing and medical care depending on assessed needs of individual orphanage and individual children with important specific needs not met by the facility (such as glasses or dental care for a child).


  • Evaluation of Needs by Representative of Boy Scouts of Morocco
  • Funding by Zakat or Sadaqa donations to New Star Kafala
  • Additional funding from Boy Scout Fundraising Project or Event

Yearly Spending


  • $2000 spent for orphans at Rita Zniber Foundation, Mekness,El Ouafa orphanage, and Amal orphanage, Fes.  


  • $3500 spent for orphans at 7 orphanages throughout Morocco


  • Budget $12,500 spent
  • 638 meals provided
  • Vision and hearing screening equipment bought
  • 525 children screened for vision and hearing impairments.
  • 87 glasses provided



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