New Star Kafala’s goal is to operate in the most cost-effective manner possible while maintaining high standards. By working with knowledgeable, ethical and deeply committed partners abroad, we are able to offer professional services in the true spirit of non-profit operation.  There are no hidden additional costs in our fees or estimates.

Fees and Additional Costs to Adopt from Morocco
Service Amount  Due/Refund
Application Fee  $200 Due at time of application submission. Refundable if application is not accepted
NSK Agency Fee  $5,000 Includes: Home Study coordination, review and supervision, social work, USCIS support and review
Morocco Program Fee  $4,000 Dossier support & review, Case coordination, referral. arrangement, date & travel coordination, referral counseling, document review.
M&O IAAME Fee $500 Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity
Post Placement Supervision & Finalization Fee $1,000 Case management support during post placement and finalization
Post Adoption Self Report Escrow Fee  $300  $300 Mandatory Post Placement Escrow Deposit must be paid before travel date is assigned. It will be fully refunded AFTER post placements and finalization are completed.
Total Agency Fee  $11,000
Foreign Fee $7,000 Communication with orphanage, staff and parents before travel regarding referrals and submission of dossier to appropriate institution.Transportation of parents and child for all kafala related activity from airport pick up to drop off. Arrangement of various accommodations at family’s expense.Accompaniment by lawyer, facilitator and/or translator (depends on region) for all Kafala related appointments.Dossier review, arranging translation of dossier and kafala documents at family’s expense.Obtain birth certificate, passport, accompany parents to US panel physician, assist with obtaining Visa appointment.
Total Morocco Fee $18,000
Approximate Additional Costs Not Covered by Fees for Morocco Program
Home Study (estimate)   $2,000 and up
Education coursework online   $150
USCIS and fingerprint for couple   $945
FedEx/DHL to Morocco $150
Airfare for 2 adults $3,000
Child US Visa   $230
Criminal Clearance in Morocco   $10
International Medical Consults   $300
Visa Medical Exam $100
Express mail for Visa documents in Morocco $100
 Document Translation (approximate) $700 – $900 payable in cash in Morocco
Childcare Fee $900
Document and processing fee $900
 Hotels/Apartments for 4 weeks  $2,500
Moroccan name change $200
Approximate Total $12,000+
Post Guardianship Costs
Post Placement Reports   $1,000 (estimate)
State Adoption by an attorney   $2500 (estimate)

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