New Star Kafala’s goal is to operate in the most cost-effective manner possible while maintaining high standards. By working with knowledgeable, ethical and deeply committed partners abroad, we are able to offer professional services in the true spirit of non-profit operation.  There are no hidden additional costs in our fees or estimates.

Fees and Additional Costs to Adopt from Morocco

Service Amount  Due/Refund
Application Fee


Due at time of application submission.

Refundable if application is not accepted

NSK Agency Fee  $5,000 Includes: Home Study coordination, review and supervision, social work, USCIS support and review
Morocco Program Fee  $4,000 Dossier support & review, Case coordination, referral. arrangement, date & travel coordination, referral counseling, document review.
M&O IAMME Fee $500
Post Placement Supervision & Finalization Fee  $1,000 
Post Adoption Self Report Escrow Fee   $300
Total  $11,000


$300 Mandatory Post Placement Escrow Deposit must be paid before travel date is assigned. It will be fully refunded after post placements and finalization are completed. 

Foreign Fee $7,000


  • Communication with orphanage, staff and parents before travel regarding referrals and submission of dossier to appropriate institution.  
  • Transportation of parents and child for all kafala related activity from airport pick up to drop off. Arrangement of various accommodations at family’s expense.  
  • Accompaniment by lawyer, facilitator and/or translator (depends on region) for all Kafala related appointments. 
  • Dossier review, arranging translation of dossier and kafala documents at family’s expense).
  • Obtain birth certificate, passport, accompany parents to US panel physician, assist with obtaining Visa appointment.

Total Morocco Fee $18,000

Approximate Additional Costs Not Covered by Fees for Morocco Program

Home Study (estimate)   $2,000 and up
Education coursework online   $150.00
USCIS and fingerprint for couple   $945.00
FedEx/DHL to Morocco $150.00
Airfare for 2 adults $3,000.00
Child US Visa   $230.00
Criminal Clearance in Morocco   $10.00
International Medical Consults   $300.00
Visa Medical Exam $100.00
Express mail for Visa documents in Morocco $100.00
 Document Translation (approximate) $700.00 – $900.00 payable in cash in Morocco
Childcare Fee $900.00
Document and processing fee $900.00
 Hotels/Apartments for 4 weeks  $2,500.00
Moroccan name change  $200.00
Approximate Total $12,000+

Post Guardianship Costs

Post Placement Reports   $1,000 (estimate)
State Adoption by an attorney   $2500.00 (estimate)




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