New Star Kafala is dedicated to serving the Ummah’s orphaned and abandoned children who remain without families.  6000 children are abandoned annually in Morocco.  Countless numbers of Pakistani children, especially girls, are abandoned and even worse, may become victims of infanticide every year.  Children who “graduate” from orphanages at age 16 – 18 years have a 90% rate of becoming homeless, prostitutes, incarcerated and substance abusers.  There is no safety net for these young adults who have been given little in the way of preparation for life.

We have robust programs in Morocco that support children’s needs in diverse orphanages, not just ones we place from.  For every Moroccan placement, we use $2,000 of our fees to improve the lives of hundreds of children in both small and large ways.

Please follow the links above to read about our many charitable programs and how you can help support orphaned children.


When they ask you what they should spend in charity say ” Whatever you spend that is good, is for parents and kindred and orphans and those in want and for.”  (2:15)