Our mission is for every child to have a loving and secure home and to help eliminate the causes of abandonment and relinquishment through advocacy, education, and dissemination of resources. 


  • We offer ethical, cost effective, sharia compliant and supportive kafala/adoption services to prospective parents while preserving the cultural and religious identity of the child. 
  • We advocate for family preservation, alternative care, and in-country kafala in association with NGOs and governments.
  • We collaborate with orphanages by providing programs and resources to meet the needs of children and to help  them become protected members of their society.
  • We collaborate with national and international organizations to provide guidance, solutions and resources to benefit orphaned children.



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*The donations that go towards our work placing Muslim children with Muslim guardians are considered sadaqa. If you indicate your donation is a zakat donation, that donation will go towards other charity programs that are zakat-eligible.