MashAllah there was large turnout at the event in Richmond Va organized by sister Noma. Over 60 guests attended the event. Sister Amina gave an introduction to NSK and its adoption program as well as orphanage support programs. Sister Afshan spoke about CORE program and foster care for URMs using the PP from Sarah. BeBe Tran from catholic charities talked about the process of becoming a foster parent. Overall very successful. A lot of q &a. Inshallah we will be able to recruit foster families and mentors from this event. People were very inspired and interested.

We had a successful event at sister Noma’s house yesterday. Uzma informed the group regarding CORE and I spoke on NSK overall and the charitable programs. We raised a lot of money for the charitable programs Alhamdulilah. More than $5,000

Our guests were very inspired by Uzma and Amina’s talks. We were able to put together some great material for our guests to take with them including a brochure about the NSK Charitable programs, and a info sheet on the countries from which the kids are coming. Overall, a very successful event!

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