We are not currently accepting new  families into the Pakistan orphanage program  due to the increasingly long wait time to receive a placement by licensed Pakistani orphanages. 

We will continue to assist US citizens taking guardianship of approvable relative cases. 

New Star Kafala’s goal is to operate in the most cost-effective manner possible while maintaining high standards. By working with knowledgeable, ethical and deeply committed partners abroad, we are able to offer professional services in the true spirit of non-profit operation.  There are no hidden additional costs in our fees or estimates.

Fees and Additional Costs to Adopt from Pakistan
Service Amount  Due/Refund
Application Fee  $200  Due at time of application submission. Refundable if application is not accepted
Program Fee #1  $3,000  Due to NSK upon approval of the home study. Refundable if application is not accepted
M & O IAAME Fee $500 Intercountry Adoption Accreditation and Maintenance Entity
Agency Fee #2  $2,800  Due when USCIS approval is received. 50% refundable if family withdraws before dossier submission
Total  $6,500  Plus fully refundable post placement escrow of $1000
Approximate Additional Costs Not Covered by Fees for Pakistan Program
Home Study (estimate)   $2,000
Education coursework online   $150
USCIS and fingerprint for couple   $890
Airfare for 2 adults (estimate)   $3,000
Child US Visa   $230
International Medical Consults (estimate and optional)   $400
Visa Medical Exam   $100
Hotels/Apartments and transportation   $1,500 and up
Pakistani Attorney   $1,000
Approximate Total $9,720
Post Guardianship Costs
Post Placement Reports                          $1,000 (estimate)
State Adoption                          $2,500 (estimate)
Total Estimated Post Placement Costs                        $3,500 (estimate)


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