Post Placement Services

Whenever a child is placed, there is follow up to monitor the adjustment of the child and family and to ensure the child’s well-being. The specifics of the follow up are dictated by the agency’s policies and the requirements of the state or country. These services include interviewing your family, as well as observations of your child. This is a great  time to talk with your social worker about any concerns you may have and  share the milestones and progress that have been made.

The family’s adjustment will be monitored by social work staff, by phone and in person. A social worker will visit the home to evaluate the adjustment of the family and write a report for the placement agency, the foreign country of origin’s officials and for the state court that will finalize the adoption. These reports are essential to protect the child and to assure foreign officials that their children are loved, safe and cared for properly.

For New Star Kafala program families, after finalization, the family will also submit self-assessments about the child’s progress, health, adjustment and integration into the community and school. These reports are essential to protect the child and to assure foreign officials that their children are loved, safe and cared for properly.

We provide post placement reporting services for New York State residents. We additionally offer continuing education, social work support and referral services to families wrestling with adjustment or other adoption or guardianship related problems.  Our goal is to offer support and guidance, especially in the first year or two after placement.  This is a transition for your family and we want you to have the tools and support to make this a wonderful and satisfying time.  Adoption is not an event but a process that begins before the placement and continues throughout the child’s life. We offer, parent mentoring and support, telephone and online consulting, in person counseling and referral services to assist parents and support children.

We encourage our families  to stay in touch with other adoptive families and to participate in the creation of a new community for Muslim adoptive parents.  This helps to maintain their child’s culture, heritage and sense of belonging.  We hold an annual reunion celebration to foster the development of a supportive community of parents who have adopted from Pakistan, Morocco and other Muslim countries.

New Star Kafala’s fee for post placement services is $400 per post placement visit and report.



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