New Star has received inquiries about adopting Syrian orphans.  There are millions of children affected by the war in Syria.  Many may have become orphans in the course of the war but most are inadvertently separated from their families.  Children may be displaced while evacuating war zones, during travel to other countries seeking asylum and during resettlement in other countries.  It is not possible to know if children that are found alone are actually orphans or not.  Even if it is known they are, it cannot be known if they have extended relatives or neighbors they could be placed with.

Adoption is a solution of last resort and should not be considered until all efforts to locate any family are exhausted.  This cannot be done during an ongoing crisis.  It can take years to locate relatives during an extended crisis of this magnitude. Provision of  temporary physical, spiritual, psychological and educational  support to children is needed.

Further, the Department of State Office of Children’s Issues has reported that adoptions from Syria are not legally possible under Syrian law.   Refugee children in neighboring countries including Turkey and Jordan have the same restrictions on removal for adoption.

New Star recommends the following programs to help assist Syrian refugees including  children without parental care:

Helping Hand for Relief & Development

Islamic Relief

Karam Foundation

Amaanah Refugee Services