The Ummer Family 

“Assalamu Alaikum,

We were first introduced to Wafa Bennani in May of 2013 through the kindness of a stranger. Less than a year after that first fortuitous conversation, an amazing 1 year old boy named Aidan was part of our family. The process of traveling to Morocco and bringing him home couldn’t have gone better. Even though New Star Kafala had thoroughly detailed the steps involved, we anticipated administrative red tape and braced for delays while in Morocco. To our pleasant surprise the whole process was seamless. New Star Kafala had the necessary ancillary staff on site and had streamlined the whole process to make things very easy for us.  

I cannot say enough about New Star Kafala program and their team of  staff and volunteers  who work tirelessly for the benefit of the countless orphans that need a good Muslim home. Without them, our family would not be complete. Aidan is a happy, healthy, charming toddler with a beautiful smile and a fondness for giving hugs and kisses. From the very beginning, he accepted his new parents and older brother and sister with unconditional love. We cannot imagine our lives without him.”

The Zubair Family 

“Assalamu Alaikum,

Thank you New Star Kafala for helping make our dreams come true. In September 2014, we travelled to Morocco and brought home our lovely baby boy Aydin. New Star Kafala help us arrange the travel process and coordinated our visit with a knowledgeable guide. The staff was always willing and able to help us out with any questions or concerns we had. The process once we arrived in Morocco was well coordinated. We thought it would be difficult due to either of us not knowing Arabic, but the guide and staff made sure everything was streamlined and understandable.

While waiting for Aydin’s passport and visa, we had plenty of opportunity to bond with our son and visit some of the sites around Meknes.  After we arrived back in the United States, New Star Kafala continued to help us with the process of finalizing the adoption and creating the reports for the Moroccan Embassy. This was an amazing experience, and we are so lucky to have Aydin in our lives. Thank you New Star Kafala!”

Jackie Spinner

Read about Jackie Spinner’s Adoption Journey in The Washington Post



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