At New Star Kafala, we believe it is the right of every child to have a family.

Every child should have a family and safe place to live– for many children, however, the reality is quite different. Poverty, war, disaster, stigma and other problems rob many  children of the right to a loving family. We believe adoption gives orphans, abandoned and unwanted children a second chance at having a loving family. Adoption allows children to enjoy the beauty and blessings of being raised in a nurturing family environment, and in being raised with parents who pledge their unconditional love and protection. Indeed, adoption is a journey of mercy to ease the plight of orphans. It is with these thoughts and beliefs that our work with orphans began. Many of the 143 million orphans around the world are from Muslim countries. Our focus has been on linking these orphaned children with Muslim families, and providing  families with information and guidance on adopting these children.We hope that our work brings awareness for the need to improve the plight of Muslim orphans through adoption, foster care and sponsorship. With the unwavering support of our staff, adoptive families and volunteers, we were able to open New Star Kafala, the first Muslim adoption agency in the United States.




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