New Star Kafala is:

Built by Muslims – New Star Kafala is a Muslim grass roots organization built by Muslims to support and protect Muslim orphans in need of homes.

Meeting the needs of Muslim families – New Star Kafala provides culturally and religiously competent adoption services suited to the unique needs of Muslim families.

Providing Islamic Education – New Star Kafala provides Islamic vetting and education to prepare Adoptive Parents and to demonstrate to officials that all adopted children will be raised in Islam.

Cost-effective – New Star Kafala’s services are cost-effective.  Our fees are far lower than other agencies due to our commitment to true non-profit operation.

Highly Transparent – New Star Kafala is highly transparent.  Our fees and services are clearly and fully disclosed with no confusion or hidden additional costs.

Ethics is our top priority – New Star Kafala places ethics at the top of our priorities.  Our board and staff have a long history of serving orphans on a voluntary basis.  Intercountry adoption is the last resort for the children we place.  We collaborate with child rights groups and advocate for family preservation, local adoption and foster care.

Supporting families and adopted children – New Star Kafala remains engaged with families until their child turns 18.  Adoption is not a single event. Adoption impacts a child’s identity throughout childhood and beyond.  New Star annually informs foreign officials of the adopted children’s status and well-being.

Contribute to supporting orphans in institutional care – New Star Kafala contributes substantially to un-adopted orphans at diverse facilities.  In Morocco, $2,000 of every family’s adoption fee goes to projects that benefit the children who remain in institutional care.  We partner with reputable organizations such as the Boy Scouts of Morocco and the Home of Moroccan Educators and Moroccan Students in America (“HMEMSA”).

Committed to donating goods and services to orphanages – New Star Kafala provides emergency supplies of food, formula and diapers, clothing and other goods when orphanages cannot provide them.  New Star provides an enrichment program that arranges outings, Eid celebrations, crafts, camping, activities and homework support to children.  We are teaching orphanage staff CPR with provided manikins and instructors.  We also manage student sponsorship programs and medicines, eyeglasses, dental care and other supplies that children need.

Committed to our growing community of adoptive families – New Star Kafala has created a community of families have adopted in Morocco and Pakistan.  We have an online parent support group.  We hold an annual reunion of our families where we celebrate the culture and heritage of our children’s countries of origin to maintain a link to their homeland and to other adoptive families.



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