Orphan Enrichment Program


Research has well shown the consequences of institutionalization on children. These can include emotional and social disorders; loss intellectual capacity; stunted growth and other physical ailments; and a host of additional psychological, physiological and behavioral challenges. Some of these impairments cause developmental delays that can be remediated and others can severely undermine the child for his or her lifetime. Children living at the orphanages attend public school and interact with other children that enjoy family life and festivities during religious and non-religious holidays which they are lacking. This causes a great deal of inferiority and emotional pain.

Accomplishments in 2017

  • 78 children attended summer camps
  • 12 outside activities benefited 278 children at 4 orphanages
  • Bi-weekly in orphanages activities benefiting 639 children


  • To build healthy social emotional interaction, fill in the void of family life on the children living at the orphanage and lessen the effect of institutionalization on them.
  • To encourage Moroccan youth/Boy and Girl Scouts to be involved in their society by caring for the children living in orphanages and serve as mentor to them.
  • To increase awareness in the Moroccan society and policy makers about the issue of abandonment and institutionalization of children.


  • Provide festivities and entertainment during all Religious holidays throughout the year
  • Provide fun educational activities to stimulate developmental growth every 2 months
  • Provide outing and excursions twice a year
  • Provide emotional and educational support through mentor-ship.
  • Encourage Scouts to advocate for children through involving media and speaking on issues involving abandoned children.


  • Ramadan: Outing to Mosque on Friday for Prayer, visit of the old city, then dinner/ breaking of the fast in group.
  • Eid Fitr: Gifts and festivities
  • Eid Adha: Lunch and festivities
  • Monthly activities: Weekend with the scouts/ crafts, reading books, theater, songs, educational activities/games.
  • Camp once a year: Sponsor group of children to go to Summer Scout camp.
  • Conferences: Sponsor scouts to attend conferences about issues of abandoned children.
  • Last years activities: Orphanage Dar Al Ouafa, Fes:  130 children age 4 to 15 years old.

2016 Temara 150 children age 4 to 15 years old.

2016 Rabat 70 children age 3 to 15 years old



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